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Brigade ,,Ney" 2

January 27 1945: Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” as part of Holste’s division takes part in an attack that captures hill 182 and advances to the Nagyszombati road. (15) Due to the strength of the Russian forces it is not possible to hold this position for too long and the hill exchanges hands several times between now and the end of the fighting (around February 15)

January 28 1945:SS Brigade ,,Ney” fight in the Székesfehérvár (Stuhlweissenburg) area under the IV. SS Panzer Army corps. It is supporting the 3. SS panzer division ,,Totenkopf” and does so until February 3

January 29 1945: SS regiment ,,Ney” comes under the direct subordination of the German 356th infantry division.In the few next days the regiment, as part of the IV. SS Panzer corps's divisions (together with the parts of the 1. SS Sturmjaeger regiment) attack from Székesfehérvár in a north north-east direction against the Russian forces.

January 31 1945: Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” along with Infantry Battalion 871 and Engineer Battalion 356 with support of tanks and infantry from 3. SS Division ,,Totenkopf” repulse a Russian advance to the north of Székesfehérvár (Stuhlweissenburg).

February 1 1945: The area defended by Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” is further reinforced by troops from 3. SS Division ,,Totenkopf” and tanks from heavy tank detachment 509

February 2 1945: The Russians resume the earlier attack on the northern part of Székesfehérvár (Stuhlweissenburg) in the area around the brick works.SS Brigade ,,Ney” to the east of Székesfehérvár (Stuhlweissenburg) repulse a Soviet infantry attack.

February 3 1945: The German forces along with Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” counter attack the Russian positions driving them from the Csala area and occupying the munitions factory.What is left of the KABSZ organisation brakes with Szálasi and because of this Szálasi deprives Ney and his corps of their Hungarian citizenship.(A courier from Szálasi had arrived earlier at Ney’s command post with a written command and had handed it to Ney. The command told Ney that his unit was fighting illegally, and had to march in to the Honvéd Ministry in Koszeg because of this, if they did not they would deprive Ney’s regiment of their Hungarian citizenship. Ney denied this pointing out the German-Hungarian treaty)

February 4 1945: The Russian attack has been stopped and driven back to the original defensive lines.

February 5 1945: Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” is designated as a reserve unit of IV SS Panzer Corps and is withdrawn to Sur for rest and reforming. The unit is reorganised as a cavalry/re-enforced mounted regiment and is now called SS Cavalry Brigade ,,Ney” (mostly referred to as SS Brigade ,,Ney”) (16)

The Kampfgruppe’s Order of battle at this time was: (17)

Staff Headquarters

Interpreter Platoon

Signals Platoon

Motorcycle Platoon

Field Gendarmarie Platoon

Staff Security Company

Supply Platoon (partly motorised, partly horse drawn)

I Battalion (Mounted Detachment)

II Battalion (Mounted Detachment)

III Battalion (Mounted Detachment)

February 27 1945: In recognition of SS regiment Ney’s successful action , at the IV. SS Panzer Army corps's command post members of the regiment are awarded 12 Iron cross II. Class, and three Iron cross I class. Dr. Ney Károly is promoted to SS-Sturmbannführer

March 1 1945: USAAF 15 Squadron, which is stationed in Italy with 630 airplanes, attacks near Vienna at Moosbierbaum. Whilst passing over Hungary one B-24 Liberator type four-engine bomber is shot down and crashes near Ácsteszér parish border around 14.00(five B-24 Liberators are reported lost.). Eight crewmen parachute out and land approximately 4,5 kilometres from Sur were SS Brigade ,,Ney” is stationed and are caught by soldiers of SS Brigade ,,Ney”.Later three airmen are taken to the Germans at Kisbér.

March 3 1945: The other five American airmen along with four Hungarian civilians are charged with spying.

March 6 1945: A Kampfgruppe of about battalion strength from. Brigade ,,Ney” takes part in Operation Spring Awakening.

March 13 1945: SS Brigade ,,Ney” soldiers execute the airmen in Crow forest near Súr and bury their corpses at the same place. A local resident recalls "[the prisoners], were kept in the castle, and Protestant schools around Sur. The prisoners had two of their legs broken. Among them were two officers, one a lieutenant. The prisoners were interrogated and beaten for days by the gendarmes and forced to testify. Later, two prisoners and two of the officers were taken (3 airmen were actually taken) to Kisber. Six soldiers (four men and two NCO’s) took part. (...) Before the Execution of the prisoners they were stripped naked. Four prisoners were apparently Catholic because they crossed themselves and were praying. The fifth was a Jew. The prisoner turned his back on one of the executed before the eyes of the rest. The execution was carried out by 4-5 infantry with a machine gun weapon. The tomb was not marked. (18)

March 14 1945: Operation Spring Awakening comes to a halt (19). The Russians begin to counter attack to the north of Székesfehérvár (Stuhlweissenburg) towards Mor and Tatabanya intending to cut of the 6th SS Panzer army. To counter this a kampfgruppe is assembled from IV SS Panzer Corps reserves. (20)

Mid March 1945: The brigade continues to form with the addition of a reconnaissance detachment and IV Battalion ,,Imrady” (21)  (Reconnaissance/Fusilier battalion) (22)  The unit also receives its official title from SS-FHA of 1.(ungarische) – Husaren – Brigade der SS 

March 17 1945: Order Number 529/1945 makes the KABSZ organisation cease to exist.

March 18 1945: between 18.00 and 19.00 Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” in support of troops from ,,Totenkopf” and the remnants of the 2nd Hungarian Panzer Division (23) retake the defensive lines lost earlier south-west of Bodajk. SS Brigade ,,Ney” is now combined with the survivors of 2nd Hungarian Panzer Division to form Kampfgruppe ,,Schell” under Oberst Zoltan Schell.

March 19 1945: Due to the Russian advance Kampfgruppe ,,Schell” retreats towards Aka-Sur.

March 21 1945: Due to further Russian advances Kampfgruppe ,,Schell” withdraws to a line that runs from Acsteszer-Csatka-Csatarpuszta-Szapar-Inotapuszta.

March 22 1945: During the evening Kampfgruppe ,,Schell” falls back again to the ,,Klara Positions” between Veszpremvarsany and Lokut.

March 26 1945: After 4 days of bitter fighting the Russians have reach Celldomolk and secured a bridgehead across the Marcel Canal. SS Brigade ,,Ney” are the nearest troops and in the afternoon launch a counterattack and stop the Russian advance.

March 27 1945: The retreating III. Battalion is removed from the bulk of SS Brigade ,,Ney” in the Papa area and the battalion is assigned to the I. SS Panzer Army corps's 3. SS division ,,Totenkopf “ battle group and III Battalion remains with ,,Totenkopf” until the end of the war.

March 29 1945:SS Brigade ,,Ney” (now consisting of battalions I., II and IV). is in Rohonc, Gyepüfüzes and then, finally, in the Felsoor area.. The bulk of SS Brigade ,,Ney” is attached to Kampfgruppe ,,Schweitzer” (24) at this time, while a small section is assigned to support a Hungarian fortress battalion.

March 30 1945: Part of Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” is under the command of the 2nd Hungarian Armoured Division (25) to the south of Neusiedler See. The Russians reach the Reich Defence Positions (Reichschutzstellung)and SS Brigade ,,Ney” takes up new positions around Rechnitz and Oberwart. The remnants of Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” withdraw towards the Austrian border. They are split between III Panzer Corps/6th Army and I SS Panzer Corps/6th Panzer Army. (26)

April 1 1945: Some portions of Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” and the headquarter staff are stationed in the ,,Fortress Stelermark” area along the Duernback-Szombathely road. (27)

April 1/2 1945: I battalion as part of Kampfgruppe ,,Schweitzer” retakes Rechnitz taking heavy casualties.

April 4 1945: I Battalion along with the rest of Kampfgruppe ,,Schweitzer” retreat from Rechnitz.

April 5 1945: Kampfgruppe ,,Schweitzer” and I battalion become part of Kampfgruppe ,,Semmer” near Friedberg in Austria (28)  2 battalions ( II and IV) from SS Brigade ,,Ney” serve with III Panzer Corps (this continues until April 8 1945)

April 9 1945: IV Battalion is serving with IV SS Panzer Corps around St Michael. Other parts of Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” are attached to ,,Viking” Division and also to the 1st Volks Mountain Division.

April 21 1945: .Kampfgruppe ,,Ney”consists of IV. battalions – it has 4211 men at this time, of which 3100 men were classed as combat troops (29) The kampfgruppe has the following equipment: 2660 Mauser Kar 98k, 91 Mauser Kar 98k with telescope sights, 342 9 mm MP–40, 531 various pistols, 73 machine guns (MG–42), 17 heavy machine guns, 21 armour-piercing cannon (7,5 cm PaK 40), 34 mortars, 15 Panzershreks, 331 Panzerfaust, five flamethrowers, 1207 handled hand-grenades and 125 anti personnel mines. The kampfgruppe also as the following vehicles: seven armoured cars (Sd. Kfz. 223); 11 lorries (3,5 ton Opel Blitz) nine automobiles, 53 vehicles and 141 horses. Kampfgruppe/Brigade ,,Ney” has suffered losses so far of 770 dead and 94 men are classed as missing. The estimated numbers of Russian tanks destroyed were approximately 50.

The Kampfgruppe’s Order of battle at this time is:

Staff Headquarters

Interpreter Platoon

Signals Platoon

Motorcycle Platoon

Field Gendarmerie Platoon

Staff Security Company

Supply Platoon (partly motorised, partly horse drawn)

I Battalion (Reconnaissance/Fusilier battalion) (Hauptsturmfuhrer?)

II Battalion (Reconnaissance/Fusilier battalion) (Hauptsturmfuhrer?)

III Battalion (Reconnaissance/Fusilier battalion) (Hauptsturmfuhrer Paul Vadon )(30)

IV Battalion ,,Imrady” (Reconnaissance/Fusilier battalion) (Sturmbannfuhrer?)

III Battalion is serving with I SS Panzer Army fighting around Wiener Neustadt and Viennawhilst two battalions are serving with the III. Panzer army corp. With the Russian advance the command post of SS Brigade ,,Ney” moves to Birkfeld in Styr Austria


Early May 1945 (31):  2 companies from Brigade ,,Ney” fight in eastern Austria under Hauptsturmfuhrer Edui . Survivors of Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” refuse to be taken over by SS Division ,,Viking” and end up joining 25. SS Division ,,Hunyadi”.

May 8 1945: SS Brigade ,,Ney” is officially dissolved by its commanding office Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr Karl Neyin the Weiz, Birkfeld and St. Erhardt area. All stores, equipment and documents are destroyed. Approximately 1 200 men join one of the German VI army columns in the retreat.

May 9 1945: The survivors of Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” headquarters staff surrender to American forces along with other elements of the Hungarian SS in the Attersee area of Austria Also on this day In the Bruck area parts of Brigade ,,Ney” along with the 1. Hungarian SS ski battalion and parts of 5. ,,Wiking” SS panzer division retreating from Graz break through Russian lines to reach the American troops to surrender.

May 111945: Other elements of Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” surrender with elements of 25. Division ,,Hunyadi” in the Attersee area of Austria. (32)

Collar Tabs

As this unit was supplied by the 22. SS Division ,,Maria Theresia” the standard cornflower collar patch was used.

Arm Shield

According to some sources an arm shield with the Hungarian colours of red-white-green with a black cornflower superimposed on it was used.

Cuff Title

A cuff title of “ SS-Regiment Ney” was approved by Adolf Hitler but was never manufactured. A few privately manufactured cuff titles where allegedly worn by some members of the unit.



15 The kampfgruppe are awarded 2 German Gold crosses (Dr Ney and Paul Vadon) 10 iron crosses 1st class, 20 iron crosses 2nd class and various grades of the close combat claps for bravery during the fighting over the last week or so

16 In the current fighting Brigade ,,Ney” has 171 men (including five officers) killed and a further 49 people (including two officers) are missing.

17 This would be the order of battle if the Kampfgruppe was together and not split under different corps.

18  6 members of the unit were tried for the killings in Salzburg Austria in 1946 (case 5-100):Karoly Ney and Ferenc Karolyi, were sentenced to death but this was commuted to life imprisonment in September 1946 after a review, Istvan Eros and Istvan Lengyel was sentenced to life imprisonment and Miklos Bakos and Istvan Csihas were executed

19 Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” loses 52 men killed in the fighting and 6 men are listed as missing

20 this comprises of 6 panzer grenadier battalions from ,,Totenkopf” and ,,Viking” (including I/,,Danmark” and I/,,Norge”) and the armoured reconnaissance units from both divisions, a anti tank unit and SS Brigade ,,Ney”

21 Named after the President of the Comrade Association

22 The 3 mounted detachments were soon designated fusilier battalions

23 This division had been shattered in the Russian attack on March 16 1945.

24 I battalion of Kampfgruppe ,,Ney” is combined with 18. Panzer Grenadier Training and Replacement Battalion (one source says it was the 11 battalion} to form Kampfgruppe ,,Schweitzer” which is commanded by Sturmbannfuhrer Schweitzer of the 18th

25 This is part of 2nd Panzer Army

26 From March 16 1945 until early April the Brigade had 75 men listed as killed and 94 listed as missing

27  This battalion comes under the command of Artillery Commando 3

28 This consists of Engineer Construction Battalion 504, the Panther tank battalion I of Panzer Regiment 24, Assault Gun Brigade 303 as well as I battalion and the rest of Kampfgruppe ,,Schweitzer”

29 These totals do not include 750 wounded men.

30 His adjutant is Untersturmfuhrer Istvan Csihas

31 One source states that 472 men were killed and 32 were listed as missing in the fighting in April and May

32 2/3 of the officers returned to Hungary but were imprisoned by the Russians

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